Sustainability is a passion for us at CJB Energy. The world is a changing environment. Fossil fuels will one day come to an end and the limited nuclear in the UK means we need to find other sources of energy. At CJB Energy Services we can provide alternative energy options for our clients.

Biomass, Wind Power and Solar PV, Air & Ground source heat pumps and Thermal are the most common sources available. Battery storage is now one of the latest to hit the market. Electric vehicles are now really taking their share of the market and the need for charging points is becoming more prevalent.

Biomass, although expensive for the initial install, has various government funding incentives that are on offer to reduce the cost of heating your premises alongside providing an ongoing source of revenue. Despite the removal in the Government Feed-in Tariff for Solar PV, businesses with large energy usages throughout the day-time, installing correctly can still reduce energy costs. The average payback now is in the region of 5-7 years, with this more than likely to decrease in the future with energy prices increasing. Solar thermal can be added with Solar PV or can provide heating solutions on its own. Battery storage, although early in its technology, can provide a means of storing the energy generated from Solar PV and using it at a later point thus reducing energy costs further.

Further saving can be found for commercial premises by avoiding taking energy from the national grid for specific periods. Each site will be individual in its energy usage and how that can be used and saved. CJB Energy can provide all types of renewable energy installs and provide a bespoke service to each client.