Energy Services

Gas, electricity, oil and carbon are commodities on the traded markets. The regular market movement of these, caused by numerous external fundamentals can cause the wholesale prices of gas, electricity and now water contracts to change on daily basis. The number of suppliers providing these contracts are ever increasing and changing. This leaves our clients with a wide selection of tariffs and contract options to choose from, whilst having to be aware of changes in pricing and social, economic & environmental simultaneously.

We tender our clients supplies and assess and analyse all the choices on offer. We will value the contract and advise on what variations are available. The knowledge we have on the clients usage data, along with their risk management strategy will allow us to work together to make the best choice for our client. We also work proactively by suggesting the best future timing for negotiating the next contract, securing prices when they are low, irrespective of the time the current contract expires.

These days it is not enough to just look at the energy contracts as a way to save costs. The way in which energy is generated and managed is now changing. The long term view is to reduce the sites consumption and at CJB Energy we have various options to target this. Whether this is something as simple as introducing LED lighting, making sure the HVAC units are up to date and serviced regularly or something much more complicated such as Demand Side Response, Capacity Markets, Peak Avoidance and many more. CJB Energy can introduce AI technology to remotely manage these processes to future proof your property.