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CJB Energy specialises in providing energy solutions before, during and after the
construction project - through costing, planning and connecting utilities to the site.


CJB Energy can provide alternative energy options for our clients.
Whether this is through new ‘Eco’ build developments or through retro-fitting a current site, we are passionate about sustainability.

Energy Services

Any energy related issue, CJB Energy can help…..

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Our Key Values...


CJB Energy provides a service that is in the clients favour. No hidden costs
and the client is involved in all decision making. CJB Energy will deal with all energy related services, saving our clients the long drawn out process of trying to cope with each energy related issue put in front of them. This industry is difficult enough, we don’t need
to complicate it further.


Everything CJB Energy does within the energy industry is with the future of
our client at front of mind. We are not interested in a quick saving for our clients, making a fee and leaving. CJB Energy want to work long term to help make the correct energy related decisions to make a difference for the long term benefit, not just a short term gain.


This seems to be a ‘hot topic’ within global politics currently – and not before time! CJB Energy have been working for a long time to help educate on the importance of looking at energy usage. Our aim is to future proof our clients businesses and at the same time reduce our collective carbon footprint for the benefit of the next generation and beyond…

Who We Are...

CJB Energy was created over six years ago, with the intention to help our clients manage their energy supply contracts. With over 15 years experience, CJB Energy’s expertise lay at making the correct informed decisions, choices of contracts, timing of negotiations which led to optimum energy cost savings. This then carried on to managing them month on month, year on year to reduce the chance of any unwanted issues cropping up and causing major issues over the longer term.

As time passed, CJB Energy realised that so much more could be done to help our clients and try to reduce the long term impact on our planet. As a result we also moved into renewables. CJB Energy can provide anything from Solar PV, Wind, Biomass, Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps and much more. Rather than looking at energy costs, we concentrated on energy usage which has such an impact on the wider picture. By reducing usage, costs would naturally follow suit.

The importance of reducing usage led to the use of further developments such as Demand Side Response and Artificial Technologies. The clever manipulation of energy usage, time and technology makes a substantial impact on costs, and the bigger picture of our carbon footprint globally.

To complete the energy related services, CJB Energy moved across into utility connections and metering, providing one point of contact for developers before, during and after any construction projects.

This complete service give CJB Energy the expertise to deal with any issues our clients should bring to us. Whether this is a simple energy contract negotiation, a complex invoicing or metering issue, installation of renewable technologies or connecting a potential to a power source. It has now also led on to building Eco communities and off grid housing. The possibilities are endless, we really can now help make an environmental impact on our planet. Every journey started with the smallest of steps, so they say….

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